frank's Policy priorities

A snapshot of opportunities to improve our quality of life in District 118

 Prioritize Public education

School Bus & Children

Equitable Funding of Schools

  • I will work to ensure that funding for our public school system is not cut to

       balance state budget shortfalls.

  • I will work to restore funding to our schools to ensure our families have access

       to a high-quality education. 


  • I will work to address our inequitable school funding model and end the

      dependence on struggling families to fund the majority of the cost of our

      school system.

  • I will work to protect homeowners from being overburdened with rising

       property taxes that is largely caused by the state continuing to reduce its

       share of the cost of public education.


Increase Teacher and Support Salaries

  • The pandemic has given us a greater appreciation for the work our teachers do and the great role they play in the growth and education of our children. 

  • Teacher salaries and retiree benefits should be reflective of the importance of their work. 

  • I will advocate for increasing teacher salaries and resources to support training and teaching expenses.

  • I support a 13th check for retirees and fully funding the Teachers Retirement System.


Create Safe Schools

  • No child should fear going to school and parents should not have to be afraid to send their child to school. 

  • I will work to cultivate school environments that are most conducive to students’ ability to thrive, where we can trust that our children will feel safe in their learning environment. 


 STARR testing and A-F School rankings

  • Children learn at different paces and in different ways. To rely completely on student performance on standardized tests as a basis for advancement ignores these differences. 

  • I am against reducing or threatening the accreditation of schools based on student performance on standardized testing. 


Truth in Education

  • Erasing history from our curriculum because it’s uncomfortable to confront harms our ability to confront the future and learn from our past.

  • I believe our children should be taught about the full scope of our history, and that our curriculum should reflect a priority of making Texas students the best educated in the nation.

Increase access to healthcare

Healthcare Worker with Patient

The life expectancy of residents in parts of District 118 is significantly lower than that of a San Antonian in other parts of the city, with a difference of nearly 20 years in some cases. This is a direct result of a lack of access to healthcare, healthy infrastructure, and healthy nutrition. It is my priority to improve the quality of life for everyone in our community.

Medicaid Expansion

  • One of my priorities is to ensure that our communities have access to affordable healthcare insurance. 

  • I fully support the long-overdue expansion of Medicare in our state, which will make healthcare accessible to millions of Texas families. 

  • Every Texan deserves access to quality medical care at an affordable price. 


Increase Access to Healthy Food

  • Access to healthy foods should not be a question of geography. In the Southside, there are far too many fast-food restaurants and not enough healthy alternatives.

  • I fully support working with small and large retailers on finding creative ways to bring healthy food alternatives to underserved areas, and supporting legislation like The Texas Grocery Access Investment Fund to incentivize grocers to come into lower-income neighborhoods.

INVEST in our Infrastructure

Access to Safe Infrastructure

  • There is a notorious lack of adequate infrastructure in certain parts of Bexar County. Too many communities are still without sidewalks, streetlights, or even safe bus stops. 

  • I will look for opportunities to leverage state dollars and build on partnerships with municipalities and Advanced Transportation Districts to ensure that we are utilizing opportunities to stretch bond and city dollars.

ERCOT & Grid Resiliency

  • The power crisis we suffered in February 2021 laid bare the problems with our power grid and the shortcomings of our energy policy.

  • The Legislature has failed to pass a meaningful bill to address these issues. The bill that was passed does not increase the capacity or resiliency of our electric grid. 

  • I will work to support legislation that ensures we never face again the massive loss of power and resulting issues that devastated so many of our neighbors.​

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Reform our property tax system

Property Tax Relief & Tax Exemptions

  • Texas homeowners are subject to some of the highest property taxes in the nation.

  • The burden of taxation for property owners in Texas is in large part caused by outdated property appraisal systems and an overcomplicated tax code. 

  • Past Legislatures have either failed or done too little, to achieve real property tax reforms.

  • I will work for meaningful tax relief for all homeowners and will commit my office to help residents navigate our complicated tax system and make sure residents know how to take advantage of existing avenues for relief like the appraisal protest process.