This election, your vote could save women’s lives

The new extreme Texas abortion law forces survivors of rape to carry the pregnancy of their rapist. It threatens doctors with life in prison for intervening to protect a woman’s life. All because Texas politicians insist on inserting themselves where they don’t belong, in the private health decisions of women.

The stakes in 2022 are clear, women’s control of their bodies — and their lives — is under attack.

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Early voting begins Oct 24. Election day is Tuesday, November 8. You may vote at any polling location in Bexar County.

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I’m born and raised in San Antonio, where you learn early that valuing family means respecting women. That’s why I’m honored to be endorsed by Planned Parenthood. I believe politicians should not interfere in decisions between women and their doctors. I oppose the criminal prosecution of doctors who intervene to protect the health and lives of women.