On the Issues

Frank Ramirez is committed to sensible policies.

Stand by Our Teachers

Texas pays teachers an average of $8,000 less than other states. Frank is fighting to raise teacher pay and fund counselors and support staff to keep teachers in the classroom.

Lower Property Taxes

Homeowners carry too much of the property tax burden. Frank will fight for property tax relief by closing tax loopholes for big corporations so they pay their fair share.

Protect Our Kids

Frank believes in the 2nd Amendment and that our children should be safe in school. Frank will fight to raise the age to purchase military-style rifles to 21 years old, the same age required to buy a handgun.

Fix the Electric Grid

Frank supports a combined energy approach that includes renewables to fix the power grid that failed us and left our families freezing without water and electricity.

Respect Women

Texas’ near total ban on abortion hurts all women, especially those with medical complications and victims of sexual assault. Frank will support women, their safety, and their decisions.